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Biological Pathways Exchange

BioPAX (Biological Pathway Exchange) aims to facilitate the integration and exchange of data maintained in biological pathway databases. BioPAX Level 3 covers metabolic pathways, molecular interactions, signaling pathways (including molecular states and generics), gene regulation and genetic interactions. BioPAX Level 2 covers metabolic pathways, molecular interactions and protein post-translational modifications and is backwards compatible with Level 1. Future levels will expand support for signaling pathways, gene regulatory networks and genetic interactions. And lastly, BioPAX Level 1 represents metabolic pathway information. Sponsors: The BioPAX project is funded in part by U.S. Department of Energy Workshop Grant #DE-FG02-04ER63931 and by Award Number P41HG004118 from the National Human Genome Research Institute.

URL: http://www.biopax.org/

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exchange, gene, generic, genetic, biological, biological pathway, data, database, integration, interaction, metabolic, modifications, molecular, pathway, post-translational, protein, regulation, signaling, state



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