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Biological Magnetic Resonance Data Bank

Public depository that collects, annotates, archives, and disseminates important spectral and quantitative data derived from nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopic investigations of biological macromolecules and metabolites recognized by the International Society of Magnetic Resonance and by the IUPAC-IUBMB-IUPAB Inter-Union Task Group on the Standardization of Data Bases of Protein and Nucleic Acid Structures Determined by NMR Spectroscopy. BMRB provides reference information and maintains a collection of NMR pulse sequences and computer software for biomolecular NMR. BMRB is a partner in the Worldwide Protein Data Bank. The BMRB archive consists of four main data depositories: (i) quantitative NMR spectral parameters for proteins, peptides, nucleic acids, carbohydrates and ligands or cofactors and derived data (relaxation parameters, residual dipolar couplings, hydrogen exchange rates, pK(a) values, etc.), (ii) databases for NMR restraints processed from original author depositions available from the Protein Data Bank, (iii) time-domain spectral data from NMR experiments used to assign spectral resonances and determine the structures of biological macromolecules and (iv) a database of one- and two-dimensional (1)H and (13)C one- and two-dimensional NMR spectra for over 250 metabolites. The BMRB website provides free access to all of these data. BMRB has tools for querying the archive and retrieving information and an ftp site where data in the archive can be downloaded in bulk. BMRB will accept: quantitative NMR data for a peptide, protein, nucleic acid, or polysaccharide and their ligands and cofactors assigned on an atom-specific basis, and data derived from the analysis of such data. Submitted data are to be in valid NMR-STAR format; they may be created by tools that output data in this format. The types of NMR data that can be included in a deposition and the mandatory supporting information accompanying a deposition are reviewed yearly by the BMRB Advisory Board. BMRB data is listed by: * Macromolecular types * NMR spectral parameters * Kinetics * Thermodynamics * Restraints * Small molecule structures * Time-domain sets * Solid-state NMR * Unfolded proteins * Binding Data * Diseases * NMR data combined with coordinates and restraints In collaboration with the Protein Data Bank (PDB, Rutgers University) and Nucleic Acid Data Bank (NDB, Rutgers University), BMRB aims to develop into the collection site for structural NMR data in proteins and nucleic acids. Steps are being taken at BMRB to achieve this capability, which will include transmission of all relevant data to the PDB and NDB collections. In addition, BMRB has the goal of archiving NMR-specific data including assigned chemical shifts, J-couplings, relaxation rates, and chemical information derived from NMR investigations (for example, hydrogen exchange rates and pKa values). In developing these collections BMRB intends to be responsive to the needs and priorities of the scientific community.

URL: http://www.bmrb.wisc.edu/

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BioMagResBank, Biological Magnetic Resonance DataBank


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