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Bioinformatic Harvester IV (beta) at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Harvester is a Web-based tool that bulk-collects bioinformatic data on human proteins from various databases and prediction servers. It is a meta search engine for gene and protein information. It searches 16 major databases and prediction servers and combines the results on pregenerated HTML pages. In this way Harvester can provide comprehensive gene-protein information from different servers in a convenient and fast manner. As full text meta search engine, similar to Google trade mark, Harvester allows screening of the whole genome proteome for current protein functions and predictions in a few seconds. With Harvester it is now possible to compare and check the quality of different database entries and prediction algorithms on a single page. Sponsors: This work has been supported by the BMBF with grants 01GR0101 and 01KW0013.

URL: http://harvester.fzk.de/harvester/

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function, gene, bioinformatics, data, database, human, meta search engine, prediction, protein


Harvester IV

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Database, Data Acquisition Software



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12:00am September 20, 2010

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