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Tools for the analysis and comprehension of high-throughput genomic data that uses the R statistical programming language, is open source and open development. It has two releases each year, 749 software packages (March 2014), and an active user community. Bioconductor is also available as an Amazon Machine Image (AMI). There is also a development version, to which new features and packages are added prior to incorporation in the release. A large number of meta-data packages provide pathway, organism, microarray and other annotations. Bioconductor packages the GO ontology into their semi-annual release, with software tools to: query; join with diverse additional gene, microarray, and sequence annotations; incorporate GO into annotation, differential expression, and gene set enrichment work flows; and visualize. The broad goals of the Bioconductor project are:
* To provide widespread access to a broad range of powerful statistical and graphical methods for the analysis of genomic data.
* To facilitate the inclusion of biological metadata in the analysis of genomic data, e.g. literature data from PubMed, annotation data from LocusLink.
* To provide a common software platform that enables the rapid development and deployment of extensible, scalable, and interoperable software.
* To further scientific understanding by producing high-quality documentation and reproducible research. * To train researchers on computational and statistical methods for the analysis of genomic data.
Platform: Windows compatible, Mac OS X compatible, Linux compatible, Unix compatible

URL: http://www.bioconductor.org/

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transcription factor, cis-eqtl, eqtl, analysis, genomic, metadata, microarray, statistical, variant, annotation, high throughput assay, sequence data, sequence, flow, gene, term enrichment, text mining, genetic, ontology or annotation browser, ontology or annotation search engine, ontology or annotation visualization, database or data warehouse, software library, statistical analysis, other analysis, flexible integration of go into statistical analysis and comprehension of high-throughput genetic data, visualization, high-throughput, genetics, r

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NIH, Catt Family Foundation, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, #1R33 HG002708

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Biobonductor - Open Source Software for Bioinformatics, The BioConductor: open source software for bioinformatics


GO data updates: every three months (or more frequently) / org-id: bioconductor

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    Bioconductor: open software development for computational biology and bioinformatics.

    • Gentleman RC
    • Genome Biol.
    • 2004 5

    The Bioconductor project is an initiative for the collaborative creation of extensible software for computational biology and bioinformatics. The goals of the project include: fostering collaborative development and widespread use of innovative software, reducing barriers to entry into interdisciplinary scientific research, and promoting the achievement of remote reproducibility of research results. We describe details of our aims and methods, identify current challenges, compare Bioconductor to other open bioinformatics projects, and provide working examples.