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BioSample Database at EBI

Database that aggregates sample information for reference samples (e.g. Coriell Cell lines) and samples for which data exist in one of the EBI's assay databases such as ArrayExpress, the European Nucleotide Archive or PRoteomics Identificates DatabasE. It provides links to assays for specific samples, and accepts direct submissions of sample information. The goals of the BioSample Database include: # recording and linking of sample information consistently within EBI databases such as ENA, ArrayExpress and PRIDE; # minimizing data entry efforts for EBI database submitters by enabling submitting sample descriptions once and referencing them later in data submissions to assay databases and # supporting cross database queries by sample characteristics. The database includes a growing set of reference samples, such as cell lines, which are repeatedly used in experiments and can be easily referenced from any database by their accession numbers. Accession numbers for the reference samples will be exchanged with a similar database at NCBI. The samples in the database can be queried by their attributes, such as sample types, disease names or sample providers. A simple tab-delimited format facilitates submissions of sample information to the database, initially via email to biosamples (at) ebi.ac.uk. Current data sources: * European Nucleotide Archive (424,811 samples) * PRIDE (17,001 samples) * ArrayExpress (1,187,884 samples) * ENCODE cell lines (119 samples) * CORIELL cell lines (27,002 samples) * Thousand Genome (2,628 samples) * HapMap (1,417 samples) * IMSR (248,660 samples)

URL: http://www.ebi.ac.uk/biosamples/

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European Molecular Biology Laboratory; Heidelberg; Germany, European Union, CAGEKID, ENGAGE from FP7 program, HEALTH-F4-2010-241669, HEALTH-F4-2007-201413

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BioSample Database at the EBI, BioSample Database, BioSD - BioSample Database, BioSD at EBI, BioSamples database, BioSamples Database at EBI, EBI BioSample Database, BioSamples


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European Nucleotide Archive, PRIDE, ArrayExpress, ENCODE: Encyclopedia of DNA Elements, Coriell Institute for Medical Research, 1000 Genomes: A Deep Catalog of Human Genetic Variation, International HapMap Project, International Mouse Strain Resource



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