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BiSearch: Primer Design and Search Tool

BiSearch is a primer-design algorithm for DNA sequences. It may be used for both bisulfite converted as well as for original not modified sequences. You can search various genomes with the designed primers to avoid non-specific PCR products by our fast ePCR method. This is especially recommended when primers are designed to amplify the highly redundant bisulfite treated sequences. It has the unique property of analyzing the primer pairs for mispriming sites on the bisulfite-treated genome and determines potential non-specific amplification products with a new search algorithm. The options of primer-design and analysis for mispriming sites can be used sequentially or separately, both on bisulfite-treated and untreated sequences. In silico and in vitro tests of the software suggest that new PCR strategies may increase the efficiency of the amplification.

URL: http://bisearch.enzim.hu

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dna, sequence, primer, design, algorithm, analysis, priming, bisulfite, genome, amplification, in vitro, in silico, amplification, epcr, cytosines



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PXE International Inc., Boolyai Janos Scholarship, GVOP-3.1.1-2004-05-0143/3.0, OTKA T34131, D42207

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data analysis service



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12:00am December 14, 2010

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