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BSD - Biodegradative Strain Database

BSD is a database resource that provides information on strains of bacteria with biodegradative properties. The goal of the database is to consolidate and provide rapid access to comparative data on known biodegradative microorganisms and the hazardous substances they degrade as a readily accessible resource for researchers and field practitioners. The database also aims to: # facilitate comparative analyses and highlight deficiencies in our current knowledge base # provide corresponding microbiological data to complement and integrate with the chemical and metabolic data of the University of Minnesota Biocatalysis/ Biodegradation Database and the phylogenetic data of the Ribosome Database Project (RDP-II) # to organize strain data and analyze biocatalysis and biodegradation within a phylogenetic perspective # provide database users a forum for input and contribution and correction of data # serve as a model for the presentation of strain-level, microbial data on the internet To this end, it includes individual data and strain pages, search capabilities, and user input functionality.

URL: http://bsd.cme.msu.edu/

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biocatalysis, biodegradation, biodegradative microoorganism, hazardous microorganism



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