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BMAP cDNA Resources

As part of BMAP gene discovery efforts, mouse brain cDNA libraries and Expressed Sequence Tags (ESTs) have been generated. Through this project a BMAP mouse brain UniGene set consisting of over 24,000 non-redundant members of unique clusters has been developed from EST sequencing of more than 50,000 cDNA clones from 10 regions of adult mouse brain, spinal cord, and retina (http://brainEST.eng.uiowa.edu/). In 2001, NIMH along with NICHD, NIDDK, and NIDA, awarded a contract to the University of Iowa ( M.B. Soares, PI) to isolate full-length cDNA clones corresponding to genes expressed in the developing mouse nervous system and determine their full-coding sequences. The BMAP mouse brain EST sequences can be accessed at NCBI''''s dbEST database (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/dbEST/). Arrayed sets of BMAP mouse brain UniGenes and cDNA libraries, and individual BMAP cDNA clones can be purchased from Open Biosystems, Huntsville, AL (http://www.openbiosystems.com

URL: http://trans.nih.gov/bmap/resources/resources.htm

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NIMH, NINDS, NICHD, NIDDK, NIDA, contract N01 MH80014

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