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BLIMP: Biomedical LIterature Mining Publications

Bibliography covering all publications related to the fast-growing field of biomedical literature and text mining. This forum for collecting, compiling and sharing is a one-stop resource, letting researchers find out who-does-what in the area and where it is published, bridging across the many discipline-specific venues in which biomedical text-mining papers are published. If you know of a relevant paper that is missing from BLIMP, or have an accepted-for-publication paper, PhD/MSc thesis or a technical report, that you believe is relevant to biomedical text mining, fill in the submission form. The fast-growing field of biomedical literature mining is highly-interdisciplinary. Publications appear in forums ranging from the SIGIR conferences (the ACM Special Interest group on Information Retrieval) to journals such as Nature and Science, with the whole range of bioinformatics forums in-between. To substantially contribute, one must know what was/is being done in this diverse area, and place the work in context - both biologically and computationally. Instead of starting a journal fully dedicated to biomedical literature mining, thus creating yet another publication venue, this site offers an alternative: It holds in one place a compilation of references to relevant papers that have been published or accepted for publication.

URL: http://blimp.cs.queensu.ca/

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biomedical, literature, text mining, bibliography, journal, text, biomedicine, natural language processing, information extraction, information retrieval, text categorization, ontology

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Biomedical LIterature (and text) Mining Publications

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Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, Discovery, Queen''s University; Ontario; Canada, Principal''s Development Award, 298292-04


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