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Australian Center For Plant Functional Genomics PTY LTD

At the Australian Centre for Plant Functional Genomics (ACPFG), scientists are improving wheat and barley''s tolerance to environmental stresses such as drought, heat, salinity and nutrient toxicities. These stresses known as abiotic stresses, are a major cause of yield and quality loss throughout the world and cause significant problems for cereal growers. These scientists are developing the technologies and resources needed to produce new cereal varieties that allow sustainable farming to generate economic, social and environmental benefits to Australia. ACPFG research is helping to ensure Australia maintains its competitive position in cereal production. - Identify the genetic mechanisms that control tolerance to specific stresses and compare these with those controlling broad range tolerance to abiotic stresses - Use genome-wide analyses to define key cellular processes that enable adapted plants to withstand abiotic stress, and to apply that understanding to the genetic improvement of crops such as wheat and barley - Unravel regulatory networks that control plant growth under abiotic stress - Identify ways of manipulating these networks, through existing genetic diversity or through functional genomics technologies, to deliver tangible industry outcomes, namely cereal varieties better tailored to hostile environments

URL: http://www.acpfg.com.au/

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Australian Research Council, Grains Research and Development Corporation, Department for Environment and Heritage Government of South Australia, University of Adelaide; Adelaide; Australia, University of Melbourne; Victoria; Australia, University of South Australia; Adelaide; Australia, University of Queensland; Brisbane; Australia,

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