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Atlas of Medical Parasitology

Database of images on medical parasitology created to provide educational materials for medical students primarily, but professional workers in medical or paramedical fields may also refer to this site covering the significant parasites in the world. Each database of protozoans, nematodes, trematodes, cestodes and arthropods contains information on the morphology, life cycle, geographical distribution, symptoms, prevention, etc. Users who wish to contribute can send the editor unpublished images of human parasites (microscopical, clinical, radiological or epidemiological aspects of human parasitic infections) by mail or e-mail. Pathology specimens (slide, samples) are welcome too. The A.M.P. received the citation of reliable sources such as Parasitology today and The Lancet, and is now listed in the Internet Resources on Specific Infectious Diseases Topics of the Mandell, Douglas and Bennets Principles and Practice of Infectious Diseases Fifth Edition.
This website was established with a great contribution of the PROJECT COLLABORATORS and many contributors of The Korean Society for Parasitology.

URL: http://www.atlas.or.kr/

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epidemiological, clinical, disease, human, infection, medical, microscopical, parasite, parasitic, parasitology, pathology, radiological, specimen, morphology, life cycle, geographical distribution, symptom, prevention, human parasite, biospecimen repository, training material, image

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Web Atlas of Medical Parasitology

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Human parasitic infection



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