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Ascidian Network for InSitu Expression and Embryological Data

Database of ascidian embryonic development at the level of the genome (cis-regulatory sequences, gene expression, protein annotation), of the cell (morphology, fate, induction, lineage) or of the whole embryo (anatomy, morphogenesis). Currently, four organism models are described in Aniseed: Ciona intestinalis, Ciona savignyi, Halocynthia roretzi and Phallusia mammillata.
This version supports four sets of Ciona intestinalis transcript models: JGI v1.0, KyotoGrail 2005, KH and ENSEMBL, all functionally annotated, and grouped into Aniseedv3.0 gene models. Users can explore their expression profiles during normal or manipulated development, access validated cis-regulatory regions, get the molecular tools used to assay gene function, or all articles related to the function, or regulation of a given gene. Known transcriptional regulators and targets are listed for each gene, as are the gene regulatory networks acting in individual anatomical territories.
ANISEED is a community tool, and the direct involvement of external contributors is important to optimize the quality of the submitted data. Virtual embryo: The 3D Virtual embryo is available to download in the download section of the website.

URL: http://www.aniseed.cnrs.fr/

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embryology, embryo, gene, genome, anatomy, cis-regulatory, development, morphogenesis, morphology, protein, molecular neuroanatomy resource, cis-regulatory sequence, gene expression, protein annotation, cell, expression profile, function, regulation, blast, visualization, data analysis service, clone

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CNRS, French Ministry of Research, Marseille-Nice Genop��������le, ARC, European Network, EAC, Association pour la Recherche sur le Cancer, Science and Technology Foundation of Portugal, QLK3-CT-2001-01890

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ciona intestinalis, ciona savignyi, phallusia mammillata, halocynthia roretzi

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PMID: 21251251, PMID: 22536431, PMID: 22964837, PMID: 24789338, PMID: 25052702, PMID: 25058405

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12:00am September 8, 2010

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