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Arizona Biospecimen Locator

A pilot effort that has developed a centralized, web-based biospecimen locator that presents biospecimens collected and stored at participating Arizona hospitals and biospecimen banks, which are available for acquisition and use by researchers. Researchers may use this site to browse, search and request biospecimens to use in qualified studies. The development of the ABL was guided by the Arizona Biospecimen Consortium (ABC), a consortium of hospitals and medical centers in the Phoenix area, and is now being piloted by this Consortium under the direction of ABRC. You may browse by type (cells, fluid, molecular, tissue) or disease. Common data elements decided by the ABC Standards Committee, based on data elements on the National Cancer Institute''s (NCI''s) Common Biorepository Model (CBM), are displayed. These describe the minimum set of data elements that the NCI determined were most important for a researcher to see about a biospecimen. The ABL currently does not display information on whether or not clinical data is available to accompany the biospecimens. However, a requester has the ability to solicit clinical data in the request. Once a request is approved, the biospecimen provider will contact the requester to discuss the request (and the requester''s questions) before finalizing the invoice and shipment. The ABL is available to the public to browse. In order to request biospecimens from the ABL, the researcher will be required to submit the requested required information. Upon submission of the information, shipment of the requested biospecimen(s) will be dependent on the scientific and institutional review approval. Account required. Registration is open to everyone.

URL: https://abl.azdhs.gov

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clinical, translational, biospecimen, genomics, bone, brain, eye, intestine, kidney, liver, spine, sleep, thalamus, spinal cord, orbit, hispanic, spanish, male, female, white, asian, african american, native hawaiian, pacific islander, american indian, alaska native, catalog

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Tissue Bank, Data Set, Cell Repository, Biomaterial Supply Resource


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Slide, Frozen, Liquid nitrogen, Paraffin embedded block



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Arizona Biomedical Research Commission,

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Sample type: Tissue, Cell, DNA, Bodily fluid, molecular sample, Whole blood, Blood, Cerebral Spinal fluid, Cystic fluid, Plasma, Red Blood Cell, Buffy coat, Bone marrow aspirate, Bone marrow

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One Mind Biospecimen Bank Listing, Biobank

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