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Arabidopsis Hormone Database

Database providing a systematic and comprehensive view of morphological phenotypes regulated by plant hormones, as well as regulatory genes participating in numerous plant hormone responses. By integrating the data from mutant studies, transgenic analysis and gene ontology annotation, genes related to the stimulus of eight plant hormones were identified, including abscisic acid, auxin, brassinosteroid, cytokinin, ethylene, gibberellin, jasmonic acid and salicylic acid. Another pronounced characteristics of this database is that a phenotype ontology was developed to precisely describe all kinds of morphological processes regulated by plant hormones with standardized vocabularies. To increase the coverage of phytohormone related genes, the database has been updated from AHD to AHD2.0 adding and integrating several pronounced features: (1) added 291 newly published Arabidopsis hormone related genes as well as corrected information (e.g. the arguable ABA receptors) based on the recent 2-year literature; (2) integrated orthologues of sequenced plants in OrthoMCLDB into each gene in the database; (3) integrated predicted miRNA splicing site in each gene in the database; (4) provided genetic relationship of these phytohormone related genes mining from literature, which represents the first effort to construct a relatively comprehensive and complex network of hormone related genes as shown in the home page of our database; (5) In convenience to in-time bioinformatics analysis, they also provided links to a powerful online analysis platform Weblab that they have recently developed, which will allow users to readily perform various sequence analysis with these phytohormone related genes retrieved from AHD2.0; (6) provided links to other protein databases as well as more expression profiling information that would facilitate users for a more systematic analysis related to phytohormone research. Please help to improve the database with your contributions.

URL: http://ahd.cbi.pku.edu.cn

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arabidopsis thaliana, hormone, hormone function, hormone gene, phytohormone, abscisic acid, auxin, brassinosteroid, cytokinin, ethylene, gibberellin, jasmonic acid, salicylic acid, microarray, phenotype, gene, mirna prediction, expression, mutant, blast, orthologue, mirna splicing site, root, cotyledon, leaf, hypocotyl, stem, flower, silique, seed, embryo, stress, morphology, plant, hormone, regulatory gene, mutant, transgenic, annotation, data analysis service

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National Natural Science Foundation of China, Ministry of Science and Technology of China, Ministry of Education of China, NSFC30625003, 30730011, 2009CB119101, ED20060047

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database, ontology, data repository


arabidopsis thaliana, plant

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PMID: 21679395, PMID: 23046684, PMID: 23717322, PMID: 23795294, PMID: 24218326, PMID: 24692653, PMID: 24803504, PMID: 25048173

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