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Antibody Registry

Public registry of antibodies with unique identifiers for commercial and non-commercial antibody reagents to give researchers a way to universally identify antibodies used in publications. The registry contains antibody product information organized according to genes, species, reagent types (antibodies, recombinant proteins, ELISA, siRNA, cDNA clones). Data is provided in many formats so that authors of biological papers, text mining tools and funding agencies can quickly and accurately identify the antibody reagents they and their colleagues used. The Antibody Registry allows any user to submit a new antibody or set of antibodies to the registry via a web form, or via a spreadsheet upload.

URL: http://antibodyregistry.org/

Resource ID: nif-0000-07730     Resource Type: Resource     Version: Latest Version


antibody, reagent

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Database, Antibody Supplier

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NIF Data Federation, dkNET, Resource Identification Portal


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AntibodyRegistry, The Antibody Registry, ABRegistry, AB Registry

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12:00am June 2, 2011

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