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Alternate Splicing - induced ALteration of Protein Structure

This database, AS-ALPS (Alternative Splicing-induced ALteration of Protein Structure), is aimed at providing useful information to analyze effect of AS on protein interaction and network through alteration of protein structure. In AS-ALPS, regions of amino acid sequences changed by AS (AS regions) which are detected in human and mouse transcript sequences in H-InvDB, FANTOM and RefSeq, are linked to information extracted from PDB about residues forming hydrophobic cores and inter-molecular interaction sites. This makes it possible to directly infer whether protein structure and/or interaction are affected by each AS event. In addition, AS-ALPS provides links to a protein network database KEGG, making it easy to know which network and which node in the network can be influenced by AS. :Sponsors: This database was supported by a grant of the Genome Network Project from Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan. :

URL: http://as-alps.nagahama-i-bio.ac.jp

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alternative splicing, amino acid sequence, inter-molecular interaction, protein, protein network, protein structure



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