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AltSplice Database of Alternative Spliced Events

AltSplice is a computer generated high quality data set of human transcript-confirmed splice patterns, alternative splice events, and the associated annotations. This data is being integrated with other data that is generated by other members of the ASD consortium. The ASD project will provide the following in its three year duration: -human curated database of alternative spliced genes and their properties -a computer generated database of alternatively spliced genes and their properties -the integration of the above and newly found knowledge in a user-friendly interface and research workbench for both bioinformaticists and biologists -DNA chips that are based on the data in the above databases -the DNA chips will be used to test against predisposition for and diagnoses of human diseases ASD aims to analyse this mechanism on a genome-wide scale by creating a database that contains all alternatively spliced exons from human, and other model species. Disease causing mutations seem to induce aberrations in the process of splicing and its regulation. The ASD consortium will develop a DNA microarray (chip) that contains cDNAs of all the splicing regulatory proteins and their isoforms, as well as a chip that contains a number of disease relevant genes. We will concentrate on three models of disease (breast cancer, FTDP-17, male infertility) in which a connection between mis-splicing and a pathological state has been observed. Finally, these chips will be developed as demonstrative kits to detect predisposition for and diagnosis of such diseases. Categories: Nucleotide Sequences: Gene Structure, Introns and Exons, & Splice Sites Databases

URL: http://www.ebi.ac.uk/asd/altsplice/index.html

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event, exon, gene, alternative, annotation, bioinformatic, biology, breast cancer, cdna, chip, diagnosis, disease, dna, human, infertility, intron, isoform, male, microarray, mis-splicing, model, nucleotide, pathological, pattern, property, protein, regulatory, splice, splicing, structure, transcript


AltSplice Database of Alternative Spliced Events

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