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Allergen Database for Food Safety

ADFS is a web server system that integrates a database of allergenic proteins for food safety. This allergen database for food safety was launched as a project of the Novel Foods and Immunochemistry of National Institute of Health Sciences, and this project was partly supported by a grant from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. To survey the sequence homology in assessing a potential of allergenicity of a protein in the food, the database has been constructed to include known allergens and B-cell epitope sequences. This database includes 13 (aero animal, aero fungi, aero insect, aero mite, aero plant, contact, food animal, food fungi, food plant, gliadin, protozoan, venom/salivary, and worm) categorized allergens based on allergen type in AllergenOnline, with their accession numbers, epitope information, 3D-structure information, and sugar-containing information . This site also provides sequence search tools for obtaining the sequence homology of a certain protein or peptide relating to allergens (BLAST, epitope(peptide) search). Furthermore, this site provides allergenicity prediction tools of a certain protein (FAO/WHO method, Motif-based method).

URL: http://allergen.nihs.go.jp/ADFS/

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