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Aging Cell Repository

A cell repository containing cells and DNA for studies of aging and the degenerative processes associated with it. Scientists use the highly-characterized, viable, and contaminant-free cell cultures from this collection for research on such diseases as Alzheimer disease, progeria, Parkinsonism, Werner syndrome, and Cockayne syndrome. The collections of the Repository include DNA and cell cultures from individuals with premature aging disorders such as progeria and Werner syndrome as well as Alzheimer Disease and Parkinsonism. The collection includes DNA from individuals of great age from the the Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging at the Gerontology Research Center as well as other Longevity Collections including the Aged Sib Pair Collection. The Repository also includes samples from an Adolescent Study of Obesity, Apparently Healthy Controls, Animal Models of Aging and both human and animal differentiated cell types. The cells in this resource have been collected over the past three decades using strict diagnostic criteria and banked under the highest quality standards of cell culture. Scientists can use the highly-characterized, viable, and contaminant-free cell cultures from this collection for genetic and cell biology research. In order to process a submission for inclusion in the Repository, clinical and laboratory documentation of the diagnosis must be provided on a SUBMISSION FORM. Submitters are requested to fill in all applicable blanks on the submission sheets and provide a family pedigree, if available. The submitter of a specimen that is accepted for inclusion in the Repository may receive without charge a single sample of the cell line derived from this submission or a single sample of a different cell line. Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells (mESC) are now available.

URL: http://ccr.coriell.org/nia/

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dna, cell, disorder, obesity, aged, alzheimer''s disease, progeria, parkinson''s disease, werner syndrome, cockayne syndrome, premature aging disorder, premature aging, dna, cell culture, healthy control, late adult human, adolescent, embryonic stem cell, stem cell, fibroblast, adipose stromal cell, ames dwarf mouse, gerontology, normal control


Sample type: DNA, Cell culture, Stem cell, Embryonic stem cell, Fibroblast, Adipose stromal cell, Cell

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Aging Cell Repository


NIA Aging Cell Repository

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Aged, Alzheimer''s disease, Progeria, Parkinson''s disease, Werner syndrome, Cockayne syndrome, Obesity, Premature aging disorder, Premature aging, Normal control, Late adult human, Adolescent, Aging

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