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Aged Rodent Tissue Bank

A repository of tissue collected from the NIA Aged Rodent Colonies under contractual arrangement with BioReliance. The NIA colonies are barrier maintained and Specific Pathogen Free. Tissues are fresh frozen and stored at -80 degrees Celsius. Tissue from the NIA Aged Rodent Tissue Bank is available to investigators at academic and nonprofit research institutions who are engaged in funded research on aging. The project name and source of funding must accompany all orders. It may not be possible to ship tissue to foreign countries that have restrictions on the import of animal tissues or products. Please Note: Incomplete order forms will be returned. We can only offer following week delivery for those orders for which completed order forms are received by the deadline of Tuesday noon, Eastern time. Starting April 1, 2012, a copy (.pdf) of the purchase order must be emailed along with the order form.

URL: http://www.nia.nih.gov/research/dab/aged-rodent-tissue-bank-handbook

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tissue, rodent, fresh frozen, frozen, male, wild type, caloric restricted, ad lib control, control, dwarf, ames dwarf, b6d2f1, f344bn f1 hybrid rat, f344 rat, balb/c, c57bl/6, cb6f1, f344xbn f1, fisher 344, rat, :category:embryonic mouse

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Tissue Bank


Available to projects directly related to aging and funded by the NIH, Other U.S. Federal government agencies (ex., VA, CDC) or U.S. private, Non-profit research foundations (ex. AHA, AFAR). Not available for commercial projects.

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NIA Tissue Bank

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NIA Aged Rodent Tissue Bank Handbook, NIA Aged Rodent Tissue Bank


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