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Activ 2000

Data analysis software with the following main features: fMRI spatial and temporal pre-processing (gaussian filtering) with motion correction, time slicing and template co-registration ; fMRI multithreaded bloc processing with one or more conditions (up to 999), lateralization index, paradigm design (box-car style with HRF convolution), anatomic coregistration, multiplanar reconstructions, opengl 3D surfacic rendering. DPTools and Activ 2000 are now one single software: DPTools v 3.0 and above. All the features already included in DPTools are available for the fMRI processings (statistics, motion correction, time slicing, aso). DPTools 3.0 can read Siemens Mosaic and Philips REC/PAR files for diffusion / dynamic series, and can export files to SPM99 format. Features: * Images Conversion * Paradigm Creation * Images Pre-Processing * Images Processing * Statistics * Co-registration * 3D * Filming * Loading / Saving * Batch Script * PACS Integration * and more... Activ 2000 is freely downloadable (46 MB)


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