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ATandT Labs Research - Software Tools

Software tools that have been developed by AT&T Labs researchers. In addition to the software tools available through Open Source and Non-Commercial licenses as listed on this page, AT&T has additional software and technology solutions available for licensing. Please reference the individual project web pages for specific license agreements. If an available license agreement does not meet your needs, please contact attip (at) att.com for assistance with a customized license. Open Source Licenses * AST: Advanced Software Technologies Open Source Collection * Cdt: Container Data Types Library * ECharts: A state machine-based programming language * GGobi: Data visualization for high-dimensional data * GSDjVu/DjVuDigital: Ghostscript driver to convert PS and PDF files to DjVu files * Graphviz: Tools for viewing and interacting with graph diagrams * PADS: Processing Arbitrary Data Streams * Sfio: Portable library for performing I/O * UWIN: Unix on Windows 95 and NT Machines * Vcodex: Software package for data transformation * WSP: Web Scraping Proxy * Yoix: The Yoix Scripting Language and Interpreter * iPlots: Interactive graphics for data analysis in R * vmalloc: Region Memory Allocator Non-Commercial Binary Licenses * BoosTexter: A general purpose machine-learning program * Hancock: A language for processing large-scale data Non-Commercial Source Licenses * ASDT: The AT&T Statistical Dialog Toolkit (ASDT) * Hancock: A language for processing large-scale data

URL: http://www.research.att.com/sw/tools/graphviz/

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AT&T Labs Research - software tools: labs research

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