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Global nonprofit biological resource center (BRC) and research organization that provides biological products, technical services and educational programs to private industry, government and academic organizations. Its mission is to acquire, authenticate, preserve, develop and distribute biological materials, information, technology, intellectual property and standards for the advancement and application of scientific knowledge. The primary purpose of ATCC is to use its resources and experience as a BRC to become the world leader in standard biological reference materials management, intellectual property resource management and translational research as applied to biomaterial development, standardization and certification. ATCC serves U.S. and international researchers by characterizing cell lines, bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa, as well as developing and evaluating assays and techniques for validating research resources and preserving and distributing biological materials to the public and private sector research communities. Deposit Services: Redundant storage is essential for the long-term preservation of biological materials. For over 30 years, ATCC has provided secure and reliable deposit services supporting basic to applied research * BioProducts: Cell, microbial and molecular genomics products for the life sciences * BioServices: Bio-materials management; basic repository to complex partnership level services * BioStandards: Biological Reference Material and Consensus Standards for the life science community

URL: http://www.atcc.org/

Resource ID: nif-0000-10159     Resource Type: Resource     Version: Latest Version


biomaterial, cell, cell line, culture, disease, genomics, in vitro, material, microorganism, proteomics, protozoa, tissue, bacteria, biomaker, virus, fungus, reference material, intellectual property, biomaterial development, standardization, certification, microbial genomics, molecular genomics, stem cell, plant seed, tumor, cancer, reagent, yeast, microbial culture, microorganism, stem cell, dna, rna, cdna clone

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Material Storage Repository, Reagent Supplier, Biomaterial Supply Resource, Data Analysis Service, International Standard Specification


saccharomyces, fungus, protist, bacteria, protozoa, etc.



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One Mind Biospecimen Bank Listing




American Type Culture Collection, ATCC(dna), ATCC(in host), ATCC: The Global Bioresource Center

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NIF Data Federation


Sample type: cell line, bacteria, virus, fungus, protozoa, yeast, Cell, microbial culture, microorganism, Stem cell, DNA, RNA, cDNA clone


Public: MTA and account required. Ships to all countries except those restricted by the government or with an official ATCC distributor.

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