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ARGONAUTE 2 - A database on mammalian microRNAs and their function in gene and pathway regulation

A database is a of mammalian miRNAs and their known or predicted regulatory targets. It provides information on origin of miRNAs, tissue specificity of their expressions and their known or proposed functions, their potential target genes as well as data on miRNA families based on their co-expression and proteins known to be involved in miRNA processing. This database also contains three other navigation tools that can be used to find information relating to miRNA: 1.) Gene Annotations is an information retrieval system for miRNA target genes. It provides comprehensive information from sequence databases and allows to simultaneously search PubMed with all synonyms of a given gene. 2.) miRNA Motif Finder - Argonaute predicts miRNA motifs binding to the gene sequence of the user. The miRNA mature sequences are taken from Agronaute 2 database. miRNA Motif Finder - Custom predicts miRNA motifs binding to the gene sequence, both the gene sequence and miRNA mature sequences provided by the user. 3.) miRNA Statistics provides statistics for the mature miRNA sequences from Argonaute 2 as well as for the miRNA sequences uploaded by the user. It provides statitics on the individual nucleotide as well as pattern of nucleotides apperaing in the sequence.

URL: http://argonaute.uni-hd.de

Resource ID: nif-0000-02567     Resource Type: Resource     Version: Latest Version


gene, metabolic and signaling pathways, mirna, protein-protein interaction, rna sequence database



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Deutsche Forschungsgemein, Federal Ministry of Research and Education,

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Data Computation Service, Database



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12:00am September 8, 2010

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