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ADHD-200 Preprocessed Data

Preprocessed versions of the ADHD-200 Global Competition data including both preprocessed versions of structural and functional datasets previously made available by the ADHD-200 consortium, as well as initial standard subject-level analyses. The ADHD-200 Sample is pleased to announce the unrestricted public release of 776 resting-state fMRI and anatomical datasets aggregated across 8 independent imaging sites, 491 of which were obtained from typically developing individuals and 285 in children and adolescents with ADHD (ages: 7-21 years old). Accompanying phenotypic information includes: diagnostic status, dimensional ADHD symptom measures, age, sex, intelligence quotient (IQ) and lifetime medication status. Preliminary quality control assessments (usable vs. questionable) based upon visual timeseries inspection are included for all resting state fMRI scans. In accordance with HIPAA guidelines and 1000 Functional Connectomes Project protocols, all datasets are anonymous, with no protected health information included. They hope this release will open collaborative possibilities and contributions from researchers not traditionally addressing brain data so for those whose specialties lay outside of MRI and fMRI data processing, the competition is now one step easier to join. The preprocessed data is being made freely available through efforts of The Neuro Bureau as well as the ADHD-200 consortium. They ask that you acknowledge both of these organizations in any publications (conference, journal, etc.) that make use of this data. None of the preprocessing would be possible without the freely available imaging analysis packages, so please also acknowledge the relevant packages and resources as well as any other specific release related acknowledgements. You must be logged into NITRC to download the ADHD-200 datasets, http://www.nitrc.org/projects/neurobureau

URL: http://neurobureau.projects.nitrc.org/ADHD200/Introduction.html

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ADHD-200 Preprocessed Data

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