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Software for constructing and verifying pedigrees within large genealogies and an application to the Old Order Amish of Lancaster County.

Genome research | Mar 11, 1998

This paper describes PedHunter, a software package that facilitates creation and verification of pedigrees within large genealogies. A frequent problem in medical genetics is to connect distant relatives with a pedigree. PedHunter uses methods from graph theory to solve two versions of the pedigree connection problem for genealogies as well as other pedigree analysis problems. The pedigrees are produced by PedHunter as files in LINKAGE format ready for linkage analysis. PedHunter uses a relational database of genealogy data, with tables in specified format, for all calculations. The functionality and utility of PedHunter are illustrated by examples using the Amish Genealogy Database (AGDB), which was created for the Old Order Amish community of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Pubmed ID: 9521925 RIS Download

Mesh terms: Christianity | Computer Graphics | Databases, Factual | Female | Genetics, Medical | Genetics, Population | Humans | Inbreeding | Information Storage and Retrieval | Male | Pedigree | Pennsylvania | Software