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Impaired defense of intestinal mucosa in mice lacking intestinal trefoil factor.

Science (New York, N.Y.) | Oct 11, 1996

The mechanisms that maintain the epithelial integrity of the gastrointestinal tract remain largely undefined. The gene encoding intestinal trefoil factor (ITF), a protein secreted throughout the small intestine and colon, was rendered nonfunctional in mice by targeted disruption. Mice lacking ITF had impaired mucosal healing and died from extensive colitis after oral administration of dextran sulfate sodium, an agent that causes mild epithelial injury in wild-type mice. ITF-deficient mice manifested poor epithelial regeneration after injury. These findings reveal a central role for ITF in the maintenance and repair of the intestinal mucosa.

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Mesh terms: Animals | Base Sequence | Cell Movement | Colitis | Colon | Dextran Sulfate | Gene Targeting | Growth Substances | Intestinal Mucosa | Mice | Molecular Sequence Data | Mucins | Muscle Proteins | Neuropeptides | Peptides | Recombinant Proteins | Trefoil Factor-2 | Trefoil Factor-3

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