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[Anemias due to disorder of folate, vitamin B12 and transcobalamin metabolism].

La Revue du praticien | Jun 1, 1993

Macrocytic megaloblastic anemia is the most typical but the latest sign of a cobalamin (vitamin B12) and/or folic acid deficiency or of a congenital abnormality of cobalamin and folate metabolism. Macrocytosis in blood and megaloblastosis in bone marrow are the morphological features of a disturbance in cell division related to a defect in DNA biosynthesis. Macrocytosis without anemia, normocytic normochronic anemia with a low reticulocyte cell count or microcytic hypochromic anemia in case of associated iron deficiency do not exclude a vitamin deficiency. Neurological or psychiatric disorders and immune abnormalities have been reported in patients with vitamin B12 or folate deficiencies or in children with congenital abnormalities of these 2 vitamins; such manifestations may even occur without anemia.

Pubmed ID: 8235383 RIS Download

Mesh terms: Anemia, Megaloblastic | Diagnosis, Differential | Folic Acid | Humans | Metabolic Diseases | Transcobalamins | Vitamin B 12