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Actin and myosin-dependent localization of mRNA to dendrites.

PloS one | Mar 18, 2014

The localization of mRNAs within axons and dendrites allows neurons to manipulate protein levels in a time and location dependent manner and is essential for processes such as synaptic plasticity and axon guidance. However, an essential step in the process of mRNA localization, the decision to traffic to dendrites and/or axons, remains poorly understood. Here we show that Myosin Va and actin filaments are necessary for the dendritic localization of the mRNA binding protein Staufen 1 and of mRNA encoding the microtubule binding protein Map2. Blocking the function or expression of Myosin Va or depolymerizing actin filaments leads to localization of Staufen 1 and of Map2 mRNA in both axons and dendrites. Furthermore, interaction with Myosin Va plays an instructive role in the dendritic localization of Hermes 1, an RNA binding protein. Wild-type Hermes 1 localizes to both axons and dendrites, whereas Hermes 1 fused with a Myosin Va binding peptide, localizes specifically to dendrites. Thus, our results suggest that targeting of mRNAs to the dendrites is mediated by a mechanism that is dependent on actin and Myosin Va.

Pubmed ID: 24637809 RIS Download

Mesh terms: Actin Cytoskeleton | Actins | Animals | Dendrites | Gene Knockdown Techniques | Green Fluorescent Proteins | Microtubule-Associated Proteins | Myosin Heavy Chains | Myosin Type V | Protein Binding | RNA Transport | RNA, Messenger | RNA-Binding Proteins | Rats | Recombinant Fusion Proteins

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