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Interplay between BDF1 and BDF2 and their roles in regulating the yeast salt stress response.

The homologous genes BDF1 and BDF2 in Saccharomyces cerevisiae encode bromodomain-containing transcription factors. Although double deletion of BDF1 and BDF2 is lethal, single deletion does not affect cell viability. The bdf2∆ cells showed normal growth upon salt stress. However, the absence of Bdf1p resulted in a salt-sensitive phenotype, and the salt sensitivity was suppressed by overexpression of BDF2. In this study, we further demonstrated that BDF2 shows dosage compensation in suppressing the salt sensitivity of bdf1∆. None of the tested domains replaced the function of intact Bdf1p. The 494-626 region in Bdf1p was more important than the other domains for salt resistance. In addition, Bdf1p negatively regulated the expression of BDF2 by binding its promoter at loci -387 to -48. However, Bdf2p did not affect the expression of BDF1. In addition, Bdf1p and its defective functional domain mutants could combine with Bdf2p. This physical interaction increased the salt tolerance of bdf1∆. The mitochondrial dysfunctions caused by BDF1 deletion were restored by overexpression of BDF2 under salt stress conditions.

Pubmed ID: 23452060