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SchistoDB: an updated genome resource for the three key schistosomes of humans.

Nucleic acids research | Jan 20, 2013

The new release of SchistoDB ( provides a rich resource of genomic data for key blood flukes (genus Schistosoma) which cause disease in hundreds of millions of people worldwide. SchistoDB integrates whole-genome sequence and annotation of three species of the genus and provides enhanced bioinformatics analyses and data-mining tools. A simple, yet comprehensive web interface provided through the Strategies Web Development Kit is available for the mining and visualization of the data. Genomic scale data can be queried based on BLAST searches, annotation keywords and gene ID searches, gene ontology terms, sequence motifs, protein characteristics and phylogenetic relationships. Search strategies can be saved within a user's profile for future retrieval and may also be shared with other researchers using a unique web address.

Pubmed ID: 23161692 RIS Download

Mesh terms: Animals | Databases, Genetic | Genome, Helminth | Genomics | Internet | Schistosoma haematobium | Schistosoma japonicum | Schistosoma mansoni

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Schistosoma mansoni Database

SchistoDB is a genomic database for the parasitic organism Schistosoma mansoni, one of the major causative agents of schistosomiasis worldwide. It currently incorporates sequences and annotation for S. mansoni in a single user-friendly database. Several genomic scale analyses are available as well as ESTs, oligonucleotides, metabolic pathways and drugs. Make your data available: If you''d like to have your updates and/or datasets integrated in SchistoDB, drop us an email.


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