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ART: a next-generation sequencing read simulator.

ART is a set of simulation tools that generate synthetic next-generation sequencing reads. This functionality is essential for testing and benchmarking tools for next-generation sequencing data analysis including read alignment, de novo assembly and genetic variation discovery. ART generates simulated sequencing reads by emulating the sequencing process with built-in, technology-specific read error models and base quality value profiles parameterized empirically in large sequencing datasets. We currently support all three major commercial next-generation sequencing platforms: Roche's 454, Illumina's Solexa and Applied Biosystems' SOLiD. ART also allows the flexibility to use customized read error model parameters and quality profiles. AVAILABILITY: Both source and binary software packages are available at

Pubmed ID: 22199392


  • Huang W
  • Li L
  • Myers JR
  • Marth GT


Bioinformatics (Oxford, England)

Publication Data

February 15, 2012

Associated Grants

  • Agency: NIEHS NIH HHS, Id: ES101765
  • Agency: NHGRI NIH HHS, Id: HG003698
  • Agency: NHGRI NIH HHS, Id: HG004719
  • Agency: Intramural NIH HHS, Id:

Mesh Terms

  • Chromosomes, Human, Pair 17
  • Genetic Variation
  • High-Throughput Nucleotide Sequencing
  • Humans
  • Sequence Analysis, DNA
  • Software