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The genome portal of the Department of Energy Joint Genome Institute.

The Department of Energy (DOE) Joint Genome Institute (JGI) is a national user facility with massive-scale DNA sequencing and analysis capabilities dedicated to advancing genomics for bioenergy and environmental applications. Beyond generating tens of trillions of DNA bases annually, the Institute develops and maintains data management systems and specialized analytical capabilities to manage and interpret complex genomic data sets, and to enable an expanding community of users around the world to analyze these data in different contexts over the web. The JGI Genome Portal ( provides a unified access point to all JGI genomic databases and analytical tools. A user can find all DOE JGI sequencing projects and their status, search for and download assemblies and annotations of sequenced genomes, and interactively explore those genomes and compare them with other sequenced microbes, fungi, plants or metagenomes using specialized systems tailored to each particular class of organisms. We describe here the general organization of the Genome Portal and the most recent addition, MycoCosm (, a new integrated fungal genomics resource.

Pubmed ID: 22110030


  • Grigoriev IV
  • Nordberg H
  • Shabalov I
  • Aerts A
  • Cantor M
  • Goodstein D
  • Kuo A
  • Minovitsky S
  • Nikitin R
  • Ohm RA
  • Otillar R
  • Poliakov A
  • Ratnere I
  • Riley R
  • Smirnova T
  • Rokhsar D
  • Dubchak I


Nucleic acids research

Publication Data

January 23, 2012

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  • Cluster Analysis
  • Databases, Genetic
  • Genome, Fungal
  • Genomics
  • Internet
  • Molecular Sequence Annotation
  • Sequence Analysis, DNA
  • Software
  • Systems Integration