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CESTA, a positive regulator of brassinosteroid biosynthesis.

The EMBO journal | Mar 16, 2011

Brassinosteroids (BRs) are steroid hormones that are essential for the development of plants. A tight control of BR homeostasis is vital for modulating their impact on growth responses. Although it is recognized that the rapid adaptation of de novo synthesis has a key role in adjusting required BR levels, our knowledge of the mechanisms governing feedback control is limited. In this study, we identify the transcription factor CESTA as a regulator of BR biosynthesis. ces-D was isolated in a screen of Arabidopsis mutants by BR over-accumulation phenotypes. Loss-of-function analysis and the use of a dominant repressor version revealed functional overlap among CESTA and its homologues and confirmed the role of CESTA in the positive control of BR-biosynthetic gene expression. We provide evidence that CESTA interacts with its homologue BEE1 and can directly bind to a G-box motif in the promoter of the BR biosynthesis gene CPD. Moreover, we show that CESTA subnuclear localization is BR regulated and discuss a model, in which CESTA interplays with BEE1 to control BR biosynthesis and other BR responses.

Pubmed ID: 21336258 RIS Download

Mesh terms: Arabidopsis | Arabidopsis Proteins | Biosynthetic Pathways | Brassinosteroids | Cholestanols | Gene Expression Regulation | Plant Growth Regulators | Protein Interaction Mapping | Steroids, Heterocyclic | Transcription Factors

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