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Activity-induced Notch signaling in neurons requires Arc/Arg3.1 and is essential for synaptic plasticity in hippocampal networks.

Notch signaling in the nervous system has been most studied in the context of cell fate specification. However, numerous studies have suggested that Notch also regulates neuronal morphology, synaptic plasticity, learning, and memory. Here we show that Notch1 and its ligand Jagged1 are present at the synapse, and that Notch signaling in neurons occurs in response to synaptic activity. In addition, neuronal Notch signaling is positively regulated by Arc/Arg3.1, an activity-induced gene required for synaptic plasticity. In Arc/Arg3.1 mutant neurons, the proteolytic activation of Notch1 is disrupted both in vivo and in vitro. Conditional deletion of Notch1 in the postnatal hippocampus disrupted both long-term potentiation (LTP) and long-term depression (LTD), and led to deficits in learning and short-term memory. Thus, Notch signaling is dynamically regulated in response to neuronal activity, Arc/Arg3.1 is a context-dependent Notch regulator, and Notch1 is required for the synaptic plasticity that contributes to memory formation.

Pubmed ID: 21315255


  • Alberi L
  • Liu S
  • Wang Y
  • Badie R
  • Smith-Hicks C
  • Wu J
  • Pierfelice TJ
  • Abazyan B
  • Mattson MP
  • Kuhl D
  • Pletnikov M
  • Worley PF
  • Gaiano N



Publication Data

February 10, 2011

Associated Grants

  • Agency: NIMH NIH HHS, Id: R01 MH053608
  • Agency: NIMH NIH HHS, Id: R01 MH053608-17

Mesh Terms

  • Animals
  • Cells, Cultured
  • Cytoskeletal Proteins
  • Hippocampus
  • Maze Learning
  • Mice
  • Mice, 129 Strain
  • Mice, Inbred C57BL
  • Mice, Knockout
  • Mice, Neurologic Mutants
  • Nerve Net
  • Nerve Tissue Proteins
  • Neuronal Plasticity
  • Neurons
  • Receptor, Notch1
  • Signal Transduction
  • Synapses