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ArrayTrack: an FDA and public genomic tool.

A robust bioinformatics capability is widely acknowledged as central to realizing the promises of toxicogenomics. Successful application of toxicogenomic approaches, such as DNA microarrays, inextricably relies on appropriate data management, the ability to extract knowledge from massive amounts of data, and the availability of functional information for data interpretation. At the FDA's National Center for Toxicological Research (NCTR), we are developing a public microarray data management and analysis software, called ArrayTrack, that is also used in the routine review of genomic data submitted to the FDA. ArrayTrack stores a full range of information related to DNA microarrays and clinical and non-clinical studies as well as the digested data derived from proteomics and metabonomics experiments. In addition, ArrayTrack provides a rich collection of functional information about genes, proteins, and pathways drawn from various public biological databases for facilitating data interpretation. Many data analysis and visualization tools are available with ArrayTrack for individual platform data analysis, multiple omics data integration, and integrated analysis of omics data with study data. Importantly, gene expression data, functional information, and analysis methods are fully integrated so that the data analysis and interpretation process is simplified and enhanced. Using ArrayTrack, users can select an analysis method from the ArrayTrack tool box, apply the method to selected microarray data, and the analysis of results can be directly linked to individual gene, pathway, and Gene Ontology analysis. ArrayTrack is publicly available online ( ) and the prospective user can also request a local installation version by contacting the authors.

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Mesh terms: Computational Biology | Databases, Genetic | Oligonucleotide Array Sequence Analysis | Pharmacogenetics | Software | Toxicogenetics | United States | United States Food and Drug Administration

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