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FlyBase: integration and improvements to query tools.

Nucleic acids research | Jan 15, 2008

FlyBase (http://flybase.org) is the primary resource for molecular and genetic information on the Drosophilidae. The database serves researchers of diverse backgrounds and interests, and offers several different query tools to provide efficient access to the data available and facilitate the discovery of significant relationships within the database. Recently, FlyBase has developed Interactions Browser and enhanced GBrowse, which are graphical query tools, and made improvements to the search tools QuickSearch and QueryBuilder. Furthermore, these search tools have been integrated with Batch Download and new analysis tools through a more flexible search results list, providing powerful ways of exploring the data in FlyBase.

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Mesh terms: Animals | Computer Graphics | Databases, Genetic | Drosophila melanogaster | Drosophilidae | Genes, Insect | Genome, Insect | Internet | Software | Systems Integration | User-Computer Interface

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