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WormBase 2007.

Nucleic acids research | Jan 15, 2008

WormBase ( is the major publicly available database of information about Caenorhabditis elegans, an important system for basic biological and biomedical research. Derived from the initial ACeDB database of C. elegans genetic and sequence information, WormBase now includes the genomic, anatomical and functional information about C. elegans, other Caenorhabditis species and other nematodes. As such, it is a crucial resource not only for C. elegans biologists but the larger biomedical and bioinformatics communities. Coverage of core areas of C. elegans biology will allow the biomedical community to make full use of the results of intensive molecular genetic analysis and functional genomic studies of this organism. Improved search and display tools, wider cross-species comparisons and extended ontologies are some of the features that will help scientists extend their research and take advantage of other nematode species genome sequences.

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Mesh terms: Animals | Caenorhabditis elegans | Chromosome Mapping | Databases, Genetic | Gene Expression | Gene Regulatory Networks | Genes, Helminth | Genome, Helminth | Genomics | Internet | Mass Spectrometry | Peptides | Phenotype | User-Computer Interface

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Worm Image Database

In WormImage, you can view and download thousands of unpublished electron micrographs and associated data. These images have been generated by several labs in the C. elegans community, including the MRC, the Hall lab (Center for C. elegans Anatomy), and the Culotti and Riddle labs. The current features include: - You can search on WormImage for tissues of interest for wild type adult hermaphrodites, embryos, larvae, males and for a limited number of mutants. In cases where the animal has been reconstructed from serial sections on prints, we will translate the print annotations for many cell types of interest. - The results of your search will initially be displayed as a series of thumbnails for easy viewing from which you can select larger files to download. - Click index to view the records currently stored in database. The index list is sorted by categories of worm name, development stage and portion of body. - Click Add Review to add your own comment to each individual image, If you choose to make them public, comments will be posted as added archival data for that image; alternately they will be saved as private with limited access to a selected audience. - Improved navigation between thumbnails (1/12/2007), Click on prev or next at lower left corner of each thumbnail to quickly advance through all images of one animals. Sponsors: This database is a part of WormAtlas and is supported by NIH RR 12596.


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