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GeneTrail--advanced gene set enrichment analysis.

Nucleic acids research | Jul 16, 2007

We present a comprehensive and efficient gene set analysis tool, called 'GeneTrail' that offers a rich functionality and is easy to use. Our web-based application facilitates the statistical evaluation of high-throughput genomic or proteomic data sets with respect to enrichment of functional categories. GeneTrail covers a wide variety of biological categories and pathways, among others KEGG, TRANSPATH, TRANSFAC, and GO. Our web server provides two common statistical approaches, 'Over-Representation Analysis' (ORA) comparing a reference set of genes to a test set, and 'Gene Set Enrichment Analysis' (GSEA) scoring sorted lists of genes. Besides other newly developed features, GeneTrail's statistics module includes a novel dynamic-programming algorithm that improves the P-value computation of GSEA methods considerably. GeneTrail is freely accessible at http://genetrail.bioinf.uni-sb.de.

Pubmed ID: 17526521 RIS Download

Mesh terms: Animals | Computational Biology | Database Management Systems | Databases, Genetic | Gene Expression Regulation | Genes, Fungal | Genome | Genomics | Humans | Internet | Models, Genetic | Models, Statistical | Programming Languages | Proteomics | Software | User-Computer Interface