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FlyBase: genomes by the dozen.

Nucleic acids research | Jan 4, 2007

FlyBase (http://flybase.org/) is the primary database of genetic and genomic data for the insect family Drosophilidae. Historically, Drosophila melanogaster has been the most extensively studied species in this family, but recent determination of the genomic sequences of an additional 11 Drosophila species opens up new avenues of research for other Drosophila species. This extensive sequence resource, encompassing species with well-defined phylogenetic relationships, provides a model system for comparative genomic analyses. FlyBase has developed tools to facilitate access to and navigation through this invaluable new data collection.

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Mesh terms: Animals | Databases, Genetic | Drosophila | Drosophilidae | Genome, Insect | Genomics | Internet | Phylogeny | Software | User-Computer Interface

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This is a list of tools and resources that we have found mentioned in this publication.

Assembly/Alignment/Annotation of 12 Related Drosophila Species

A single source for sequences, assemblies, annotations and analyses of the genomes of members of the fruitfly genus Drosophlia. It is meant as resource for Drosophilists and other researchers interested in comparative analysis of these species and their genomes. There are pages for each species, as well as pages for different types of multi-species resources (e.g. alignments). If you have a public resource that will help this project, please consider making it available through this page by emailing multiple_at_fruitfly.org.


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Berkeley Drosophila Genome Project

Database on the sequence of the euchromatic genome of Drosophila melanogaster In addition to genomic sequencing, the BDGP is 1) producing gene disruptions using P element-mediated mutagenesis on a scale unprecedented in metazoans; 2) characterizing the sequence and expression of cDNAs; and 3) developing informatics tools that support the experimental process, identify features of DNA sequence, and allow us to present up-to-date information about the annotated sequence to the research community. Resources * Universal Proteomics Resource: Search for clones for expression and tissue culture * Materials: Request genomic or cDNA clones, library filters or fly stocks * Download Sequence data sets and annotations in fasta or xml format by http or ftp * Publications: Browse or download BDGP papers * Methods: BDGP laboratory protocols and vector maps * Analysis Tools: Search sequences for CRMs, promoters, splice sites, and gene predictions * Apollo: Genome annotation viewer and editor September 15, 2009 Illumina RNA-Seq data from 30 developmental time points of D. melanogaster has been submitted to the Short Read Archive at NCBI as part of the modENCODE project. The data set currently contains 2.2 billion single-end and paired reads and over 201 billion base pairs.


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