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A compilation of molecular biology web servers: 2006 update on the Bioinformatics Links Directory.

Nucleic acids research | Jul 1, 2006

The Bioinformatics Links Directory is a public online resource that lists the servers published in this and all previously published Nucleic Acids Research Web Server issues together with other useful tools, databases and resources for bioinformatics and molecular biology research. This rich directory of tools and websites can be browsed and searched with all listed links freely accessible to the public. The 2006 update includes the 149 websites highlighted in the July 2006 issue of Nucleic Acids Research and brings the total number of servers listed in the Bioinformatics Links Directory to over 1000 links. To aid navigation through this growing resource, all link entries contain a brief synopsis, a citation list and are classified by function in descriptive biological categories. The most up-to-date version of this actively maintained listing of bioinformatics resources is available at the Bioinformatics Links Directory website, A complete list of all links listed in this Nucleic Acids Research 2006 Web Server issue can be accessed online at The 2006 update of the Bioinformatics Links Directory, which includes the Web Server list and summaries, is also available online at the Nucleic Acids Research website,

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Mesh terms: Computational Biology | Directories as Topic | Internet | Molecular Biology | Software