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The transcriptional coactivator PC4/Sub1 has multiple functions in RNA polymerase II transcription.

Transcription and processing of mRNA precursors are coordinated events that require numerous complex interactions to ensure that they are successfully executed. We described previously an unexpected association between a transcription factor, PC4 (or Sub1 in yeast), and an mRNA polyadenylation factor, CstF-64 (Rna15 in yeast), and provided evidence that this was important for efficient transcription elongation. Here we provide insight into the mechanism by which this occurs. We show that Sub1 and Rna15 are recruited to promoters and present along the length of several yeast genes. Allele-specific genetic interactions between SUB1 and genes encoding an RNA polymerase II (RNAP II)-specific kinase (KIN28) and phosphatase (FCP1) suggest that Sub1 influences and/or is sensitive to the phosphorylation status of elongating RNAP II. Remarkably, we find that cells lacking Sub1 display decreased accumulation of Fcp1, altered RNAP II phosphorylation and decreased crosslinking of RNAP II to transcribed genes. Our data provide evidence that Rna15 and Sub1 are present along the length of several genes and that Sub1 facilitates elongation by influencing enzymes that modify RNAP II.

Pubmed ID: 15692559