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GOChase: correcting errors from Gene Ontology-based annotations for gene products.

SUMMARY: The Gene Ontology (GO) is a controlled biological vocabulary that provides three structured networks of terms to describe biological processes, cellular components and molecular functions. Many databases of gene products are annotated using the GO vocabularies. We found that some GO-updating operations are not easily traceable by the current biological databases and GO browsers. Consequently, numerous annotation errors arise and are propagated throughout biological databases and GO-based high-level analyses. GOChase is a set of web-based utilities to detect and correct the errors in GO-based annotations.

Pubmed ID: 15513987


  • Park YR
  • Park CH
  • Kim JH


Bioinformatics (Oxford, England)

Publication Data

March 9, 2005

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Mesh Terms

  • Database Management Systems
  • Databases, Protein
  • Documentation
  • Information Storage and Retrieval
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Proteins
  • Quality Control
  • Software
  • User-Computer Interface
  • Vocabulary, Controlled
  • Word Processing