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PINdb: a database of nuclear protein complexes from human and yeast.

SUMMARY: Proteins Interacting in the Nucleus database (PINdb) is a database of protein complexes purified from the nucleus of human and yeast cells. It is compiled from the published literature and existing databases. Currently, PINdb contains mostly protein complexes that may be involved in gene transcription. To facilitate comparative analyses and identification of protein complexes, the compositional information is integrated with standardized gene nomenclature, annotation and protein sequences from public databases. The PINdb web interface provides a number of tools for (1) comparison of protein complexes, (2) search for a protein complex by its published name or by a partial list of its components and (3) browsing specific subsets or a functional classification of the complexes. Availablity:

Pubmed ID: 15087322 RIS Download

Mesh terms: Abstracting and Indexing as Topic | Database Management Systems | Databases, Protein | Fungal Proteins | Humans | Information Storage and Retrieval | Internet | Multiprotein Complexes | Natural Language Processing | Nuclear Proteins | Periodicals as Topic | User-Computer Interface