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Multitracer: a Java-based tool for anatomic delineation of grayscale volumetric images.

NeuroImage | Aug 1, 2003

A Java-based tool for delineating anatomic boundaries in 8- and 16- bit grayscale volumetric images is described. Modern features implemented by the tool include the ability to simultaneously view the current cursor position and the previously delineated boundaries on three orthogonal planes, the ability to magnify images during delineation using high-quality interpolation, the ability to encode and save boundaries with subvoxel resolution, and the ability to utilize coregistered images interchangeably during delineation. Additional features facilitate use of the tool in a multiuser, multiplatform environment and provide support for the documentation of anatomic delineation protocols. In addition to providing direct estimates of structure volumes, areas, and lengths, the tool allows contoured boundaries to be exported for more sophisticated analyses. The tool also provides support for manual editing of image volumes to remove confounding structures and for manual correction of image volumes that have been inaccurately edited. In addition to its research utility, the tool also has potential value in education, allowing students to interact with volumetric data and structural boundaries in three dimensions.

Pubmed ID: 12948737 RIS Download

Mesh terms: Artifacts | Brain | Data Display | Humans | Image Enhancement | Image Processing, Computer-Assisted | Magnetic Resonance Imaging | Mathematical Computing | Programming Languages | Software Design

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