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FlyMove--a new way to look at development of Drosophila.

Trends in genetics : TIG | Jun 12, 2003

Development of any organism requires a complex interplay of genes to orchestrate the many movements needed to build up an embryo. Previously, work on Drosophila melanogaster has provided important insights that are often applicable in other systems. But developmental processes, which take place in space and time, are difficult to convey in textbooks. Here, we introduce FlyMove (, a new database combining movies, animated schemata, interactive "modules" and pictures that will greatly facilitate the understanding of Drosophila development.

Pubmed ID: 12801722 RIS Download

Mesh terms: Animals | Computational Biology | Computer Simulation | Databases, Factual | Drosophila melanogaster | Female | Gene Expression Regulation | Genes, Insect | Morphogenesis