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Exploring MEDLINE abstracts with XplorMed.

XplorMed is a publicly available web tool conceived to make life easier for MEDLINE(c) users looking for scientific information. Searching scientific literature is an information retrieval problem. Abstracts that are of possible interest to the user are usually selected by a keyword search followed by manual screening, which often results in the retrieval of a large number of abstracts. Interesting references can be buried among irrelevant ones because of nonspecific queries. XplorMed is intended to extract dependency relations between the words of the abstracts. These relations can be filtered and arranged to deduce different subjects in the query and offer a condensed view of the abstract, allowing users to select texts of interest without having to read them all. XplorMed is available http://www.bork.

Pubmed ID: 12532176 RIS Download

Mesh terms: Artificial Intelligence | Information Systems | MEDLINE