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Generation and initial analysis of more than 15,000 full-length human and mouse cDNA sequences.

Strausberg RL | Feingold EA | Grouse LH | Derge JG | Klausner RD | Collins FS | Wagner L | Shenmen CM | Schuler GD | Altschul SF | Zeeberg B | Buetow KH | Schaefer CF | Bhat NK | Hopkins RF | Jordan H | Moore T | Max SI | Wang J | Hsieh F | Diatchenko L | Marusina K | Farmer AA | Rubin GM | Hong L | Stapleton M | Soares MB | Bonaldo MF | Casavant TL | Scheetz TE | Brownstein MJ | Usdin TB | Toshiyuki S | Carninci P | Prange C | Raha SS | Loquellano NA | Peters GJ | Abramson RD | Mullahy SJ | Bosak SA | McEwan PJ | McKernan KJ | Malek JA | Gunaratne PH | Richards S | Worley KC | Hale S | Garcia AM | Gay LJ | Hulyk SW | Villalon DK | Muzny DM | Sodergren EJ | Lu X | Gibbs RA | Fahey J | Helton E | Ketteman M | Madan A | Rodrigues S | Sanchez A | Whiting M | Madan A | Young AC | Shevchenko Y | Bouffard GG | Blakesley RW | Touchman JW | Green ED | Dickson MC | Rodriguez AC | Grimwood J | Schmutz J | Myers RM | Butterfield YS | Krzywinski MI | Skalska U | Smailus DE | Schnerch A | Schein JE | Jones SJ | Marra MA | Mammalian Gene Collection Program Team

The National Institutes of Health Mammalian Gene Collection (MGC) Program is a multiinstitutional effort to identify and sequence a cDNA clone containing a complete ORF for each human and mouse gene. ESTs were generated from libraries enriched for full-length cDNAs and analyzed to identify candidate full-ORF clones, which then were sequenced to high accuracy. The MGC has currently sequenced and verified the full ORF for a nonredundant set of >9,000 human and >6,000 mouse genes. Candidate full-ORF clones for an additional 7,800 human and 3,500 mouse genes also have been identified. All MGC sequences and clones are available without restriction through public databases and clone distribution networks (see http:mgc.nci.nih.gov).

Pubmed ID: 12477932 RIS Download

Mesh terms: Algorithms | Animals | DNA, Complementary | Gene Library | Humans | Mice | Open Reading Frames | Sequence Analysis, DNA

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