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Create Communities, Explore Data, and Share Resources through SciCrunch

Data Exploration

Search through the Data Catalog, where we have brought in several datasets and databases into one place for your convenience. If you wish to add a dataset or database into the catalog contact Scicrunch.

Search Data

Create a Community

Creating a community allows you to choose what resources are related to your community, create a portal for your community, and add/edit our database of resources to meet your community's needs.

Create a Community
  1. Welcome

    Welcome to SciCrunch, the home of scientific communities and resources.

  2. Find a Community

    Search for a community related to your field to see resources and data that might be relevant to you.

  3. Create a Community

    Don't see a community you want on Scicrunch? Create it! To create it you must log in.

  4. Login or Register

    Click here to login or register a SciCrunch account (Can use your myNIF account).

  5. Use the API

    SciCrunch has an API to explore communities, resources, and ontology programmatically.

  6. Add a Resource

    Add your resource to the Registry so yourself, and other communities and see that resource when searching.

  7. Additional Help

    If you need additional help or information check out the help page for more in depth tutorials on the features of SciCrunch.

  8. Community Name

    The Full Name of your Community.

  9. Community Acronym

    The acronym or short name for your community. Required because we use it in the scicrunch URL for your community.

  10. Community URL Name

    This is the url name we will use for your portal, for instance scicrunch.com/nif, with nif being the URL Name.

  11. Community Logo

    This is a small image that will be shown on search results and at the top of your community. The max filesize allowed is 250kb.

  12. Joining the Community

    Changing this options changes how people can join your community. Moderator access requires you/your moderators to approve new members while invite only disallows anyone from trying to join.

  13. Colors

    Changing these colors, either by entering the hexadecimal color you want or selecting from the color picker, will change the default colors in the header for your community

    Header Color: the background color of the header
    Text Color: the text color in the header
    Hover Color: The hover color for text in the header
    Dropdown Color: the background color for the dropdown on the main community page

  14. Website Url

    The URL for the website that your community represents so we can link to you.